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Educator resources for EXP 390

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On this page we have compiled recommended resources for classrooms, community groups, and anyone else interested in learning more about JOIDES Resolution (JR) during its time at sea, 7 April through 7 June 2022. These materials will be especially useful for classrooms to prepare for a virtual tour of the JR. We hope you find these resources helpful so you can get the most information from the Zoom tour and our conversations with the scientists on board!

Want to see our current location in Google Earth? Visit:

(*note you will still be able to access this Google Earth file upon completion of the expedition and explore the content contained in each Google Earth placemark)

We recommend…

(1) Take a moment to review our web page that describes our expedition, titled South Atlantic Transect I. At the bottom of this page, you will see blog posts we write during our time at sea.

(2) Learn more about the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) and our ship, JOIDES Resolution with this overview video (YouTube, ~5:30 min). You may also want to view the JR In a Minute series so students can start thinking about questions to ask during the tour – there’s The Whole Ship, The Bridge, The Derrick, The Catwalk, and Core Drilling (all in YouTube, ~1 min each).

(3) Learn more about our scientists. Explore this Google Earth interface and zip across the globe to learn about the Scientists on board Expedition 390. Find out where we are all from, our specialities, and a little bit about our interests. Listen to our stories about living and working at sea through our audio project, Voicemails from the JR, also available in Google Earth. We have ideas for Using Our Google Earth files with your students.

(4) Want to explore careers related to scientific ocean drilling? Start by viewing this video on People Behind the Expeditions (YouTube, ~3:40 min), then check out the seven additional videos that introduce you to positions ranging from a geochemistry marine technician to communications specialist.

Classroom materials

The Education and Outreach Department of the United States Science Support Program (USSSP) for IODP has a collection of authentic data, inquiry-centered activities and interdisciplinary explorations drawing from the adventures of JOIDES Resolution and the earlier ocean drilling ship, Glomar Challenger. Visit the For Educators website to see the full collection of materials and resources (teaching kits and cores, classroom activities, free children’s books, etc.). Below, we highlight items that relate to the mission of Expedition 390.

Additional video resources

There are additional videos from other expeditions that describe the overall science and process of collecting cores of sediment and basement rock.


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