End Of Cruise And Farewell!

After a night of quiet introspection on the JR the time has finally come. Tobias, Joanne, Dan and your blogger are the last ones to leave, after a chat with IODP and NSF representatives who are looking forward to hear how everything went. Thus, not everything what happens on the JR stays on the JR…


Credit: Andreas Teske.


Phil, the indomitable core pusher, is seeing us off; we will miss his “core on deck, you lucky people” calls! One more look at the drill rig…


Credit: Andreas Teske.


Incredible, having such a huge drill rig available just for our fanciful deep subsurface research on deep carbon cycling in a remote hydrothermal wonderland!

One more look at the JR, while the bus is waiting, with impatient scientists already seated and waiting … the incomparable JR, our home for two eventful and unforgettable months.

The time comes to say goodbye. Before everyone disperses to the airport and then into all four directions, there will be “events” in San Diego tonight that possibly involve extreme forms of celebration, and require discretion. But the blog closes here, with a big THANK YOU to the science crew, seasoned and after over 500 cores…


Credit: IODP/Tim Fulton


… and the technicians, the drillers, the camp crew, the ship’s crew and everyone on board who made this adventure possible.


Credit: IODP/Tim Fulton.


It takes a village, and in the case of IODP a pretty large and multinational village, to realize big dreams! This journey ends, but in a sense the longer journey – towards the scientific outcomes of this cruise – is just beginning. Guaymas Basin will make a big impact for years to come. Thanks you for following this blog;  I hope it has provided a unique window into Expedition 385 as it was unfolding day by day and night after night.


This blog post first appeared on Nov. 16 on my daily blog of EXP385. Make sure to go to expedition385.wordpress.com to read the rest of the blog posts of this expedition!

Andreas Teske
Andreas Teske is Co-chief scientist of EXP385 and professor in the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.
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