Exp 359. 14thOct. always in transit.

Equator is no more very far; we have had the first “rainy” morning and a  hot and humid day.

Two presentations: one , by Thomas Luedmann University of Hamburg, about Cesare Emiliani, the father of the modern paleooceanography with his studies of the isotopes in Foraminifera, he has developped the timescale of marine isotopes stages . He gave also the start of the modern  seafloor exploration providing evidence of the  ocean’s history and allowing to test  hypotheses of seafloor spreading. JOIDES Resolution expeditions (after the Glomar Challenger) are in the continuity of his work.

 The second presentation  was about ” tracking and understanding ice-rafting in Northern North Atlantic” by Montserrat Alonso-Garcia paleontologist, Lisboa University. 

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