Exp 359. 15thOct. We crossed the equator !!

JOIDES Resolution passed the equator at 18:13. We are on the end of our transit and we should arrive in Maldives on October 18 at 8:00.

The researchers continue the training on the samples in the labs and continue the calibrations of the tools with the technicians. These work sessions allow them to discuss and agree on the ways of doing things and the terms used. Coming from different laboratories and countries, they often have to make sure that they speak the same “language” for example in their description of the samples.

The ongoing presentations also allow everyone to see and discuss the work of their colleagues in the context of the objectives of the current expedition.

Stratigraphic Correlation and IODP depth scales. ” We present presentations on” Magnetization in polar ice cores “. 

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JOIDES Resolution