Exp359. 19th Oct. The JOIDES Resolution is on the 1st drilling site: suite !!

The coring parade began in the early afternoon at the rhythm of the “Core on deck”.

The rhythm is given by the steps by which the carrots must pass.

From the cutting-marking on the   catwalk , until the presentation on the description table, it was necessary to go through the labeling and then they will pass through the laboratory of petrophysics and then on the table of core splitting where they are split In length in 2 hemi-carrots and one of them will continue its journey towards the reading bench by a camera with very high resolution. The paleomagnetism laboratory will also do its part while the microscopes (optics and electronics) of the paleontologists will allow the first identifications. On the lower level, bio-geochemists and microbiologists also set to work and begin their analyzes on the samples obtained. In parallel with the measurements and observations made on the carrots of ”

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JOIDES Resolution