Exp359. 25th Oct. A so small lab in such a deep hole

Yesterday the drilling well U1466B provided its carrots quietly to the rhythm of a new drilling every 30 to 50mn.

And although they are not all complete the whole is satisfactory and the hole is stable. The age of the section brings us to the lower Miocene level.

Today the drilling was stopped around 9am in the morning; The researchers estimated, after comparing the information provided by the drilling and the seismic data, to have reached their main objectives on the latter drilling. They therefore decided not to drill further in order to maintain the hole in the best conditions possible for its use for direct measurements: the famous “downhole measurements” made by a set of tools containing multiple sensors Of the physical and chemical parameters of the materials constituting the wellbore. Measurements in live, in situ and continuously!

The IODP link for these advanced tools: https: //rosetta.iodp.tamu.edu/A/TechDoc/8244? Encoding = UTF-8

This should take between 20 and 40h if the large cetaceans do not come to play the spoils by forcing the researchers to stop the measures.

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