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Yesterday we were on the  Hole U1467D (MAL-09A,
4°51.0475′ N, 73°17.0201′ E; 487 mbsl) and
Hole U1467E (MAL-09A, 4°51.04′ N, 73°17.02′ E; 487 mbs)

Hole U1467D was spudded at 0130 h. Cores U1467D-1H through 22H
were cut and recovered  to 201 mbsf (recovery 102%). The drill string was
pulled out of the hole and retrieved back onboard. After  assembling a new
bottom hole assembly with a tri-cone drilling bit and a mechanical bit release,
the drill string was lowered back to the sea bottom, and the ship moved 20 m
east of Hole U1467A. Hole U1467E was spudded at 1710 h. By midnight we had
drilled down to 245.2 mbsf.

All cores from Holes U1467C and U1467D have been processed through the
laboratories. As in the upper most section of the previous holes, Cores
U1467D-1H to 15H consist of unlithified to partially lithified planktic
foraminifera-rich wackestone, with common bioturbation( reworking of sediments by organisms).  

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