Expedition 376 has begun!

Hello friends! My name is Tammy Orilio, and I am one of the Education Officers on board the JR for Expedition 376: Brothers Arc Flux. As Education Officers, my partner & I will be responsible for relaying information about the expedition to the public, schools, museum patrons, and such. We will accomplish this through social media posts, blogging, and live ship-to-shore broadcasts with the science team and participants (like you!) on shore.

After 3 days of port call, when the JR was being resupplied and the scientists were preparing & collaborating, we departed Auckland on Wednesday, 9 May, in the morning. It was a gorgeous morning, with bright sun shining and few clouds in the sky- hopefully a harbinger of days to come!

The JOIDES Resolution is transporting a team of 30+ scientists (plus a crew of at least 80!) to Brothers Volcano, about 400km northeast of New Zealand, to study the hydrothermal systems associated with  the volcano. We will be retrieving core samples from an active submarine volcano- something new to the world of science!

The science team comes from 10 different countries and we have many working groups, including alteration mineralogy, petrophysics, microbiology, geochemistry, and volcanology. It’s great to see so many people collaborating and sharing their expertise! We’ll get into more detail on the science of the expedition in future posts.

I look forward to sharing this exciting adventure with you over the next 8 weeks. More soon!

The gangway is hoisted on to the ship- that means we’re not leaving anytime soon!
Goodbye, Auckland! See you in two months.


Hello there! My name is Tammy Orilio and I am sailing on board the JOIDES Resolution, Expedition 376: Brothers Arc Flux as an Education & Outreach Officer. I look forward to sharing both science and shipboard life with you! In my other life, I teach Marine Science and Advanced Placement Environmental Science at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. I love being able to share these experiences with my school community!
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