patch for School of Rock 2014
8 June - 14 June 2014
Indiana University of Pensylvania (IUP) is located in Indiana PA
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patch for School of Rock 2014

School of Rock 2014: Understanding Earth Through Ocean Cores


  1. Increase educator knowledge of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP), Earth science, and ocean drilling processes, while highlighting related STEM (science, technology, education, and math) careers
  2. Make educators aware of how IODP Earth science research relates to
    1. National Science Education Standards, Ocean Literacy Principles, and societal relevance by focusing on one or more of the IODP science plan themes;
    2. Climate and ocean change: reading the past, informing the future
    3. Biosphere frontiers: deep life and environmental forcing of evolution
    4. Earth connections: deep processes and their impact on Earth’s surface environment
    5. Earth in motion: processes and hazards on human time scales
  1. Provide educators with an opportunity to:
    1. Participate in a seagoing experience on a scientific drilling vessel, or to replicate these experiences in a shore-based laboratory
    2. Conduct a series of research activities similar to those that take place during scientific drilling expeditions
    3. Learn from scientists who focus their research on and actively participate in IODP expeditions
  1. Enlist educators to share their experiences and translate IODP data, samples, and science into useful teaching resources
  2. Engage educators to disseminate IODP science and Deep Earth Academy education resources through at least two of the following: teacher workshops, public lectures, activity development, product field testing, social media, journal publications, or popular media



Successful completion of this class will provide 3 credit hours of undergraduate coursework from IUP.  These credits may be applied to meet PA Act 48 professional development requirements for PA Certified Teachers and other PD credits are available.  Tuition/fees will be charged according to IUP standard summer rates.  The Consortium for Ocean Leadership will provide $500 stipend to each participant to help defray costs of tuition/fees. Grades for this course will be determined by the following distribution:

Participation during class, in field, etc.  25%

Student presentation and activities       25%

Course notebook and reflection            50%


N Kurtz
Outreach Manager
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