The JOIDES Resolution at sunset.
17 May - 28 May 2024
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Laurel Childress
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The JOIDES Resolution at sunset.

School of Rock: Welcoming a New Era

Please note that this website will be updated with more information about the program and participants in the coming weeks.

School of Rock: May 2024

The School of Rock has been operating since 2005 as a professional development experience to engage educators in the science and engineering of scientific ocean drilling. At the end of 2024, the current IODP program and the JR platform as its U.S. vessel will be ending. We would like to take this last opportunity on the JR to envision and plan creatively and out-of-the-box for post-2024 professional development programs (broadly defined) using legacy cores, scientific personnel, other relevant institutions and research vessels, and both existing and desired resources.


Goals for the 2024 School of Rock:

  • Demonstrate the power of the School of Rock professional development model
  • Build on ideas generated in the IMPACT workshop and beyond to more fully develop and flesh out ideas for scientific ocean drilling-related professional development post-JR
  • Leave with detailed and realistic proposal outlines to create and fund these ideas

Where: On board the JOIDES Resolution, tied up in Amsterdam, Netherlands

What we will do: For about half of each day, we plan to utilize the JR’s state of the art laboratory facilities to explore scientific questions into cores and data, what those tell us about Earth’s history, and how we use existing classroom resources on those topics. In the other half of each day, we will brainstorm ideas, take field trips in Iceland, and spend time writing up these ideas into actionable proposals.

Expedition Project Manager

  • Laurel Childress (JOIDES Resolution Science Operator)


  • Sharon Cooper (U.S. Science Support Program)
  • Maya Pincus (U.S. Science Support Program)
  • Justin Ballenger (Morehouse College)
  • Mark Leckie (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
  • Jon Lewis (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
  • Lisa White (University of California Berkeley)


  • Brian Allen
  • Mona Behl
  • Valerie Bennett
  • Samantha Bombard
  • Yvonne Cagle
  • Christina Cordona
  • Christina DeVera
  • Valecia Ellis
  • Mark Goldner
  • Elizabeth Ann Kiman
  • Kevin Kurtz
  • Dana Montack
  • Lindsay Mossa
  • Michelle Pratt
  • Sonya Okoli
  • Beverly Owens
  • Waverly Ray
  • David Thesenga
  • Tess Weathers
Maya Pincus
Maya is a science communicator in every sense of the word. When she is not at sea, she is at home in Brooklyn teaching Earth Science to high school students. In her free time she likes to hike, run, and climb whatever rocks are around.
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