First Few days

I just got this set up, so I have a bit of catch up to do.

Day One, Jan 4th- Arrive in Wellington New Zealand @ 9am

Day two, Jan 5th – move onto the JR!
Before moving aboard I found my horoscope in a coffee shop – it read quite well.

"New options and techniques, as well as meeting innovative people who inspire you with their unique and original insights, are likely now."

Travis, Sandra, Steve and I came early to the ship (9:30) to unpack all our stuff. The JR looks beautiful, clean, bright and shinny, and almost new. There are so many halls and staircases (some that only go up, some that only go down) – getting around is like a maze, but I’m proud to say I’m already finding my way around. My state room is M5-22. The room is in the middle of the ship, meaning less noise and less motion. We then attended a reception and lectures w/local town officials and had the rest of the day off. I went for a run on the shoreline, and after I stopped at the supermarket and got strawberries, prosciutto, cheese, and a small roll and had myself a little picnic on the beach. Wellington is a pretty cool city! 

Day Three – Getting settled
Meetings start at 8:30 and we got a lot of information. Meals are served on 12s and 6s (really 11-1 and 5-7), cookie breaks are at 9s and 3s.There was a tour – and all the sudden the boat seemed a lot bigger than it did yesterday. More receptions in town, and off for the night.  So a bunch of us walked around Downtown Wellington and ran back for the midnight meal. Lucky for me there were mash potatoes! Yumm! Day two – and I can already proudly state that I made all 4 meals in a 24 period.

Day Four – Lab orientation
More meetings followed by lab orientation. I got to tell you this place is kind of cool. I love the microbioolgy and cheimstry labs. I get my own little corner with a my own microscope, cold room, anaerobic chamber, and everything else a microbiologist needs. I’m excited to get to work. Gale force winds outside, so I stayed in and went to the gym. I ran on the treadmill and didn’t fall off!

Day Four – Last day on Land
More meetings, I made my some solutions for cell counting. And we had the rest of the day off. I went to the town, bought some last minute things. I bought the book "South" to get myself into the mood. After, I climbed Mt. Victoria to see the harbor from a birds eye view. I made sure to get some Gelato on my way back after my hike. Ship leaves at 10:30am tomorrow.

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