Goodbye Auckland

I arrived in Auckland, New Zealand on Monday (12/13) following an overnight flight from San Francisco. The last week has been it’s own sort of whirlwind – getting through customs, getting to the hotel, getting my bearings, learning about NZ electrical power (yes, a mishap implied!), getting over to the ship and moving in, meeting so many people, finding my way around Auckland to take care of last minute details. I pounded the pavement in Auckland with generally good success. And yesterday morning, we shoved off. A hook craned the gangway up. Ropes the thickness of a strong man’s arm were heaved off stout metal mooring bits and reeled in. A tug boat lead us out of the harbor and sent us on our way. We watched from the deck above the bridge, leaning into the wind, as Auckland disappeared behind us. Our two month journey begins. I am SO excited!

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