Helping hands

Today we are continuing to deepen our drilling at Hole U1456C but in the meantime we should not forget some of the other people on the drilling ship who make our life easier and indeed pleasant. My picture today shows Mark Bacoco in the core lab where he is cleaning up some of the mess that we make dropping bits of sediment on the floor during our day-to-day work. Mark is one of the members of the cooking and cleaning team here and is a constant source of smiles and pleasant conversation that helped brighten up our days as well as improving the conditions in our working and living areas. He and his colleagues help keep the vessel nice and clean and provide us with all the laundry and food that we need to do our scientific job. Much of the time they appear to work almost invisibly in the background but I know that without their constant hard work we would be in a difficult situation before very long!  I could certainly use a lesson from Mark about good attitudes and positive thoughts when doing my job.

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