How Many Justin Biebers Tall is the JOIDES Resolution?

 A lot of things about the JOIDES Resolution are big. They are so big that it might be hard to imagine how big they are. To help you out with that, I am going to measure things related to the JOIDES Resolution in Justin Biebers. For each of the distances below, I will tell you how many Justin Biebers you would have to stack on top of each other to be that tall or long.

  • The length of the JOIDES Resolution from front to back: about 87 Justin Biebers (143 meters)
  • The height of the JR from the water to the top of the drilling derrick: about 38 Justin Biebers (62 meters)
  • The width of the JR: about 13 Justin Biebers (21 meters)
  • Distance the JR sailed to get from Auckland, New Zealand to the first drilling site on the Louisville Seamount Trail: about 935,191 Justin Biebers (1,544 kilometers)
  • Depth of the ocean at the first drill site: About 1,114 Justin Biebers (1,840 meters)
  • Height of the first seamount we drilled on: Over 2,423 Justin Biebers (over 4,000 meters tall)
  • Depth into the ocean the JR can drill: About 4,988 Justin Biebers (8,235 meters)
  • Deepest hole the JR has drilled: About 1,278 Justin Biebers (2,110 meters)

Scientists, of course, do not measure things in Justin Biebers. They use the metric system. The metric system makes things easy, because all scientists around the world use it, which helps them avoid confusion when they are sharing data with each other. Also, everything in the metric system changes by tens, which makes it easy to multiply and divide.

Here’s how tall Justin Bieber is using the metric system:

  • Justin Bieber (5 feet, 5 inches) is 1.65 meters tall, 165 centimeters tall, 1,650 millimeters tall, and 1,650,000,000 nanometers tall.


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PS. Thanks to Matt Chrien for suggesting the idea of using Justin Bieber as a unit of measurement.

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