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The ocean is often what connects our sciences and our cultures. Scientists aboard Expedition 340 represent 10 nations, including China, France, Germany, India, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and United States. This is extraordinary in many science circles to be aboard the JR for nearly two months to exchange ideas and plan for continued research.  For every Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) expedition the ‘I’ is not only for Integrated, but also for International. The IODP is supported by ~30 countries. Participating scientists represent three major regions of the world— Asia, Europe and United States. A team of scientist representing each of these major regions is selected for each expedition. One of my favorite aspects of conducting ocean research for over 20 years has been the opportunity to travel around the globe and work with scientists from many cultures. Being aboard the JR has been exceptional in this regard. Most notable are the times we gather for dinners in the galley to relax, enjoy a meal and share about one another’s cultures, homes and families.

Enjoy these photos of our talented scientists from around the world who are contributing to the 340 Expedition.

Photo credit, Etienne Claassen, 340 Marine Instrumentation Specialist


340 French Team, Benoit Villemant, Anne Le Friant (Co-Chief), Georges Boudon, Sara Lafuerza Colas

340 Japanese Team Osamu Ishizuka (Co-Chief),  Kyoko Kataoka, Takeshi Saito (front from L to R);

Akihiko Fujinawa, Yoshihiko Tamura, Fukashi Maeno, Daisuke Endo, Tasuya Adachi (back from L to R)

From Left to Right: Fei Wang (CHINA),  Christoph Breitkreuz (GERMANY), Konduri Subramanyam (INDIA)

From Left to Right: Martin Jutzeler (NEW ZEALAND),  Michael Martinez-Colon (PUERTO RICO), Mohammed Aljahdali (SAUDI ARABIA)

340 United Kingdom Team, Debbie Wall-Palmer, Peter Talling, Adam Stinton, Martin Palmer, Robert Hatfield , not pictured Sally Morgan (from L to R)

340 United States Team font from L to R: Molly McCanta, Teresa Greely (340 Education Officer), Michael Manga; Back from  L to R, Robert Hatfield,

Mohammed Aljahdali, Michael Martinez-Colon, Andy Fraass, Angela Slagle, Matthew Hornbach, Nicole Stroncik, not pictured James McManus

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