Is it over yet?

I’ve been looking down a microscope all day and most of yesterday. I spent the previous few days describing core. I am feeling so negative affects. I’m struggling to remember simple passwords, my eyes feel funny and my head is not quite right.

Nevertheless I have got a serious amount of rock described. Some story to tell about the alteration history of the rocks and I have a sense of some satisfaction for getting stuff done. It feels like there is an end in sight, although not for a while yet.
What else is going on. Well not a great deal. We are cruising south at a reasonable pace. The weather is beautiful, sunny and warm. The sea is flat. Tonight the moon should have set and the skies will be clear when I get off shift. So I am going to sit outside and stare at the stars at midnight.
I’m avoiding counting down the days until the end of the cruise. What’s the point? The end is the end and work won’t be finished until a day or so out.

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