Jason’s Tasks

Just as King Aeetes tasked the Jason of old to perform various quests to secure the Golden Fleece, our modern day JASON team was tasked with numerous quests yesterday eve to obtain the Golden Cup of Knowledge. Okay, that was a little flowery and silly. More simplistically, imagine your favorite sport. You know the players and their coaches have done their best to prepare for the upcoming battle. You may have looked at some stats to look at the odds of your favorite team winning or losing. Why do you still watch? Because you never know what is going to happen! As I took up my roll as data logger in the JASON van last night, it was a bit like a sports match. The team prepared as well as possible for all contingencies, but in the end, on the fly, completely unexpected "sabots" were thrown in to try to "sabotage" the mission. Still, with skillful maneuvering and improvisation, many of these obstacles were overcome. The game is still in progress, but hopes for our team winning are high.

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