JOIDES Resolution Playing Cards

They’re here!  These JOIDES Resolution playing cards depict images from the JOIDES Resolution drill ship, and can be used in a variety of different ways. There are four groups of cards: People, Places, Drilling, and Recreation, and each group has eight pairs of images. In addition, there is one card without a match. You can use the cards with students, family or friends to play games like Memory, Go Fish, or Old Maid, or make up one of your own! Two pdf files are available: a high resolution version that will print sharper images but may take a long time to download, and a web version that will be quicker to download, but may not print as clearly. Both pdf files include directions for assembly, and information on how to play the card games. Enjoy!

high resolution thumbnail web thumbnail 
High Resolution for better printing Web version for faster download

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JOIDES Resolution