JR Daily 10 April 09

PRESENT ACTIVITY: Update as of 0630 hr 10 April 2009  Presently XCB coring U1334B-25X (219.0 mbsf to 228.6 mbsf). Testing of the air gun is in progress in preparation for upcoming vertical seismic profiling experiment in Hole U1334C. The marine mammal watch started at ~0630 hr. If no mammals are observed, the soft start will be actual firing should last approximately one hour.


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LOCATION: Site U1334:  Hole U1333B (PEAT-4C); Final Position:  07° 59.9980’N, 131°58.3937’W;  Final Water Depth:  4799.3 mbrf / 4787.9 mbsl

WEATHER: Heading: Various; Wind: 7-15 kts gusting 17 kt @ 058°- 085°; Seas: 3 ft @ 4 sec from 060°; Swell: 8 ft @ 10 sec from 020°, Sea Water: 27°C; Barometer: 1013.0 Mb steady; Air: 29°C; Heave:10 ft; Max Pitch: 2° @ 4 sec; Max Roll: 4° @ 10 sec. Mostly clear skies with good visibility.

TIME BREAKDOWN: (by nearest 1/4 hour): 0000-2400 Piston cored U1334B-1H to 19H (182.2 mbsf).  Hole U1334B was initiated 5 m deeper than Hole U1334A. Core U1334B-5H was repositioned to adjust the overlap with the previous hole. Non-magnetic hardware used on cores -1H to -15H. Standard steel barrels used on piston cores starting with -16H. Drill over stuck core barrel to recover -19H. APCT-3 temperature measurements attempted at 32.2 mbsf (-3H), 49.2 mbsf (-5H), 68.2 mbsf (- 7H), 87.2 mbsf (-9H), and 106.2 mbsf (-11H).

CHALLENGE: Explain or brainstorm reasons for non-magnetic vs. standard steel barrels.  Send your answers through the comment section, below.

OPERATING PLAN (next 24-48 hours): The plan for PEAT-04C is to APC/XCB three holes to basement (~269 mbsf). We will log the third hole with a modified paleo combo.  Planned duration for coring and logging is ~8.7 days.



Photo:  Assistant Laboratory Officer Lisa Crowder standing marine mammal watch before and during air gun test.  Credit:  Leslie Peart, IODP / Deep Earth Academy Education Director.

Video:  Air gun test.  Credit:  Leslie Peart



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