JR Daily 13 Mar 09

PRESENT ACTIVITY: Update as of 0900 hrs 13 March 2009. Underway for PEAT-1C at 11.1 knots. The vessel is pitching and rolling easily in light seas with confused swell of 4 to 6 feet under overcast skies. Visibility is good with frequent rain showers. Scientific, technical, and drilling teams continue preparations for on-site operations. No shipping traffic observed. Partially cloudy with increasing visibility throughout the day.

TRANSIT: Previous distance traveled – 320 Nm over 32 hours with 761 Nm remaining; Today – 258 Nm traveled over 24 hours with 503 Nm remaining. Challenge: Calculate the speed in knots, the total distance traveled and an estimated time of arrival.

WEATHER: Heading: 116°; Wind: 4-12 kt gusting 6-16 kt @ 000°-105°; Seas: 6 ft @ 8 sec from 080°; Swell: 8-10 ft @ 10-12 sec from 080°; Sea Water Temp: 24°; Barometer: 1011 mb rising; Air Temp 22° C; Heave; 6 ft, Max Pitch: 4° @ 6 sec; Max Roll; 4° @ 8 sec.

OPERATION PLAN (next 24-48 hours): Prepare drilling equipment for coring operations, continue technical crew familiarization with new labs, and conduct pre-site planning meetings.

CURRENT TIME ZONE: GMT -10 (Hawaii Time)



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