JR Daily 14 Mar 09

PRESENT ACTIVITY: Update as of 0800 hrs 14 March 2009: Underway for PEAT-1C at 10.5 knots. The vessel is pitching and rolling easily in light seas under overcast skies. For the last few days we have been under the influence of the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) which is characterized by unstable moist air, frequent showers, and overcast skies. These conditions are similar to the environment that was prevalent during most of Leg 199. No other vessel traffic observed visually or on radar. We expect to be on location and making up the bottom hole assembly (BHA) by midnight.

TRANSIT: Previous distance traveled – 578 Nm over 56 hours with 503 Nm remaining; Today – 265 Nm traveled over 24 hours with 238 Nm remaining. Challenge: Calculate the speed in knots, the total distance traveled and an estimated time of arrival (which will be sometime tonight). Send your answers through the comment function below!

WEATHER: Heading: 116°; Wind: 4 -15 kt gusting 6-20 kt @ 100°-330°; Seas: 6 ft @ 6-8 sec from 080°-115°; Swell: 6-8 ft @ 8-10 sec from 075°- 110°; Sea Water Temp: 25° C; Barometer: 1012 mb steady; Air Temp: 25° C; Heave: 6 ft; Max Pitch: 2° @ 6 sec; Max Roll: 4° @ 8 sec.

OPERATION PLAN (next 24-48 hours): Scientific, technical, and drilling teams continue preparations for on-site operations. Because of the deep water at PEAT-1 (5 Km) combined with the initial making up of the BHA and other preparations, it will be approximately 24 hours after coming on location before we are ready to spud.

CURRENT TIME ZONE: GMT -10 (Hawaii Time)

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