JR Daily 31 Mar 09

PRESENT ACTIVITY:  Update as of 0730 hr 31 March 2009   Hole U1333A was spudded with the APC at 0225 hr this morning.  We are presently piston coring U1333A-5H from 38.0 mbsf to 47.50 mbsf.

LOCATION: Site U1333:  Hole U1333A (PEAT-3C);  Preliminary Position: 10°30.997’N, 138°25.175’W; Final Water Depth:  4865.0 mbrf / 4853.7 mbsl

WEATHER:  Heading: various. Wind: 17-23 kts gusting 26 kt @ 022°- 057°;  Seas: 3 ft @ 4 sec from 030°; Swell: 4 ft @ 6 sec from 025°, Sea Water: 27°C; Barometer: 1014.5 mb rising; Air: 25°C; Heave: 7 ft; Max Pitch: 1° @ 4 sec; Max Roll: 2° @ 6 sec. Mostly cloudy skies with good visibility.

TIME BREAKDOWN: (by nearest 1/4 hour):  0000-1400 Underway at full speed Site PEAT-3C. Sailing into a strong current and 22-26 knot wind.  Lower thrusters at site coordinates and approach location. 1400-2400 Positioned over site with DP system at 1407 hr.  Made up APC/XCB bottom hole assembly with used APC/XCB bit and deployed the drill string to 4860 mbrf. Deploy beacon at 1525 hr. Drop XCB barrel and tag sea floor at ~4875 mbrf.

(Nm)             (Hrs)     (kt)       REMAINING (Nm)
Yesterday:        43                  4.50      9.6                  133
Today:            133                13.75      9.7                     0
176                18.25      9.6

OPERATING PLAN (next 24-48 hours):  APC/XCB to basement (~175 mbsf) with a minimum of three holes. Temperature measurements will be attempted on Hole U1333B. Hole U1333C will be spot cored to address gaps in the sedimentary record.


Photo:  Driller Nick Parish at work in the doghouse (aka drill shack).  Credit:  Bill Crawford, IODP Imaging Specialist.



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