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Hello All!  It’s been so long. I had some days when I worked pasted my 12 hours, and I became so tired, I had a hard time doing anything but going to bed. Other days it is just nice to read my book, or just go outside for a bit. We are getting close to end, which is good and bad. I have so many mixed feelings. Bad because there is still a lot of work I can do here on the ship, plus I still need to see a penguin, there are still sites we haven’t had a chance to get to yet…just so much to do.  Also I’m really enjoy everyone here on the boat, it will be sad when we all go our separate ways.  Good because I can not wait to meet my friend Sarah in Hobart!! I miss my bed from home, my bike, and I’m really excited about starting to work on my samples at home. That’s the thing about microbiology samples, there is only so much you can do on the ship. Here is a picture of my samples wrapped and ready to be shipped home! (those are not even all of them!) There I will measure DNA and biomarkers. I also really miss crackers (we ran out). I also miss crackers…. I miss them so much that I had a dream about finding some wheat thins in a ceiling tile. Also below is a picture of a ghost i found in the chemistry lab…weird, but not scary.

So I hear we are going to take one last trip to the coast of Antarctica. We’ve been having troubles drilling there because of the ice bergs and weather. This is good because I still need to see that penguin!! Check out some of these skies… it will be sad to see leave them. So I am trying to enjoy them while I got them. I hope there will be a nice day soon so I can hang up my hammock.

Check out the last video… I’m in it a little bit! The next one is probably going to be out any day now.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvzrK24YJyQ


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