Leaving harbour

Well, the adventure has finally begun. At 4pm today, four small tugs pushed and pulled us away from Pier A and shepherded us out into the channel. The sun shone, and everyone congregated at the front of the ship and revelled in being under way, and welcomed a change of scenery after 2 days in harbour. Much posing for photographs on the rails, and animated chatter. Calm sailing, but in 8 or 9 hours we will clear the Juan de Fuca strait and the ship will start being moved around more by the open ocean. 10 days at sea to look forward to, with our routines now fitting around key events in the science program. The ship’s crew and the science team are now focussing on a attaining a successful mission, while us educators try and make like sponges, and soak up as much information  as we can.

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