Live to the Exploratorium in San Francisco!

Like most of you, I’ve been watching videos and reading blogs about the Wilkes Land Expedition from my nice warm office and living room on shore.  Thanks to so many wonderful writers, photographers, videographers, and puppeteers (who knew?), the Expedition has really come alive! I feel like I’ve been able to participate without leaving home.

In fact, at this very moment I’m watching and listening to a tape of Carlota, Christina, and Rob on ExploTV.  It’s actually a webcast and everyone can watch it at their leisure, but it’s a tape of a live interview with Ice Stories host Mary Miller at San Francisco’s reknowned Exploratorium on the first day of March, just as they were wrapping up operations and preparing to head back to port.

I hope you’ve been reading Rob’s Ice Stories dispatches and watching his videos.  If not, they’re not going away and they’re fantastic (that’s one of his photos above)…you’ve still got time!  Un oh, I’ve got to un — they’re taking us on a vido tour of the labs right now!

My thanks to Mary Miller and Mark Andrews at the Exploratorium, and to Rob Dunbar, Carlota Escutia,Christina Riesselman, and Adam the Penguin for another beautiful outreach event!



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