Lucky milk crates get to ride to the bottom of the sea with Jason, and rubber bands tag along

Sure, there are many state of the art devices that participate in the scientific work done on this mission at the bottom of the Pacific. Jason is arguably the most advanced underwater robot in the world. But despite his lofty status he does not turn up his robotic nose at the help of some everyday devices.

In the photo you see an educator ( me) and a graduate student scientist ( Sean) on either side of Jason, and between us are milk crates carrying some devices and tools that are necessary for our work on the seafloor. Milk crates are "just right" containers for these missions and don’t mind being subjected to 4000 psi on a daily basis.

Similarly the lowly rubber band is often used as a temporary restraining device, used to hold things in place until they get to the bottom where they need to be deployed.  

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