Mission Accomplished!

The purpose for the trip was accomplished today! With amazing tenacity and skill, 2,660 m of pipe was lowered into a “cork” on the seafloor – through which 40 barrels of concrete was sent down to repair a leak! We all watched the action on a tv screen from the camera that had been lowered down. Wow! They’re on hole 2 now and it looks like another successful fix. As of this location, 140 or so miles off the coast of WA, we have traveled 1154 Nm; winds are 20-30 kts, gusting to 35 kts, the seas are 18-12′ with swells up to 12′. Water temp is 13 degrees C and air temp is 15 degrees C. Yes, we get a daily science report! Leslie Sautter taught us the how-to’s of identifying a couple types of foraminiferas (marine fossils) today. It was a really interesting lab – one of my favorites. With these little “grains” magnified about 400 times you could see incredible details. Beautiful. School of Rock has been quite an experience so far – still a few days to go.


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