My first post!

Oh hi! My name is Julia DeMarines and I'm delighted to be one of your expedition 350 blogger on the JOIDES Resolusion!

A little about myself:

I have a background in Astronomy, Geology, Space Studies, and more recenty, Astrobiology. You might be thinking, 'What does drilling rock samples have to do with Astrobiology?' – EVERYTHING! If we look at the Earth as a dynamic planet, we understand that plate tectonics shaped our planet, bringing up fresh new land with new minerals that are important for life, and also subducting old dense seafloor back into the mantle. Earth is the only planetary object that we know has life, we can look at how our planet works, the limits and habitats of life, and try and see where else in the universe are the conditions similar. By studying core samples with the JR, we can learn about how our planet works. 

I'm looking forward to sailing on the JOIDES and please check back for more updates! 



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