nearing an end

Right so, we are nearing the end of the drilling. I’m also nearing the end of my toothpaste, my soap and worst of allmy coffee beans. I think I would prefer to be smelly and have mouldy teeth than do without my morning coffee. It will be coffee rationing from now on.

 So life is all about work at the moment. I/We have to rewrite a report on site 1348, look at thin sections from site 1349, which are way out weird (see Christmas tree vein), and look at the core that is being drilled at 1350. Everyone is also trying to figure out how to divvy up the post cruise work. I’ve set myself up for some highly tedious work, which will hopefully also be highly rewarding.
For the last few days I have been feeling crappy. So after my shift today I decided I had to do some exercise. So I did some yoga. Now I feel great, all I needed was some release of tension and stress through some physical activity. Then just for the laugh I let Sandra shave my head. I’d been wanting a hair cut for a while and she did a good job of it, or at least now it’s super short.
Well it’s a new day and new dawn and and I’m feeling good…

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