Noah’s Ark

As pointed out to those who step aboard the JR, animals are all over the boat. You just have to look.

If you walk along the catwalk to the doghouse, you might overhear the crew talking about Bigfoot stuck near the mousehole.  Rather than tying yourself in a sheepshank wondering what they are talking about, bone up on your drill ship lingo.


Alligator Box – The 10m-long box in which we store plastic core liners. Perhaps called this because nothing else but an alligator could be stored in this.
Bigfoot – Iron Rough Neck – the machine that automatically tightens drill pipe to a specific torque.
Butterfly – A type of valve with gates that flap open.
Cat head – A clutched spool connected to the draw works power system used to tension chains, cables and softline rope
Catwalk– a narrow walkway or open bridge where all the drill core lies out on the JOIDES
Crane – Super lifting device
Dog collar – Protective assembly to hold the pipe on the drill floor
Doghouse – Driller’s control room
Eel – A hydrophone array in a cable that can be attached to a streamer for acquisition of marine seismic data.
Fish – Anything left in a hole.
Fishing Tool – any tool used to catch a fish.
Gooseneck – Swivel connection
Monkey board – The small platform that the derrickman stands to set back drill collars in the derrick.
Monkey’s fist–a special knot used to weight the end of a messenger line. It will be the first connection to shore at the end of the expedition. The “monkey’s fist” is thrown to the pier on arrival.
Mousehole– Opening in the rig floor near the rotary table Pup – A short piece of drill pipe, casing, or tubing that can be used to adjust the total length of a string of tubing.
Pony collar – A drill collar shorter than normal
Rabbit – A slang term for an internal drift diameter gauge typically used to check casing or tubing joints before they are picked up and run into the wellbore
Rat Hole – The bottom of a hole that is deeper than the length of the casing string you want to put in the ground. If some of the hole collapses when lowering the casing into the hole, this collects the fill so you can still get the casing in.
Sheep shank – a knot to shorten up a line of rope.
Snake – a tool to pass wires through things (like drilling line over a sheave).
Spider Coupling – Two spiders that connect the shaft of a motor to a shaft of a pump.



(The image shows crew working very close to Bag of Questions for the Bay of Bengal Bigfoot! Thanks to whomever started this list)

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