Not too School for Cool (Hump Day Celebration)

Hump day has come and gone! To celebrate, us scientists and a few staff put on our finery and had a party.

True, being out at sea and given that all of us were either coming off of shift or going on shift, our finery included steel toed boots, fleece and other "geology style" clothes. That did not stop us from having a few hours of well-earned fun during transit to our next site. The catering staff provided great appetizers to munch on for which we are extremely thankful. Being part of the chem lab I'm biased, but I think we provided some great entertainment too. Two of my fellow geochemists put on the full body immersion suits and danced the night away dressed in head-to-toe orange. I have the pictures to prove it but will wait off on posting them for now in case they regret them once the celebration euphoria has left.

We all got our share of exercise when we did the Macarena, Cupid Shuffle and Cha Cha Slide as a group. Who says geologists are no fun?? The whole night was a blast and now we're all pumped up for the next round of cores and samples.


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