Octopus Hugs Ancient Data Logger from the Deep

The data logger pictured above just came up from, oh, right about 2600 meters deep in the ocean.  It was placed down there in 2007 and has been working away in the dark since then.  Sure, there were interruptions and set-backs during those cold, dark years under the sea, but this baby put in some serious work time.  It’s amazing that this is basically a computer that has been programmed to take measurements at specific times while being waterproof and saltproof…and octopus proof!  There is often at least one octopus hanging out at each of the CORKs, and this site was no exception.  A big, beautiful octopus was gracefully draped across the structure that held the data logger, and he had to be gently and safely coaxed off by the skillful JASON driver, Dara.  Pictured below is an example of the newest version of this data logger.  This sleek new model will be placed at a CORK in the next day or two.  A workhorse of deep sea study, the humble data logger continues to do its work, in the dark, hopefully with the company of an octopus or two. 



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