Out to Sea

Ahoy there! My name is Jay R Microbe, (J.R. Microbe for short) and I invite you to join me and my friend, Joe Monaco, Education Officer as we sail aboard the JOIDES Resolution.

Our journey, Expedition 329, will take us from Tahiti throughout the South Pacific and finally to New Zealand.  The purpose of this expedition is to drill into the ocean sediments and determine all the conditions that make me and my very extensive family of microbes grow. And  talk about families….microbes come in a huge variety of shapes. To really see us and know who’s who, you need a microscope. I know, you’re asking yourself how come I’m so big if you need a microscope to see other microbes. That’s easily explained, cameras really do add 10 pounds!! We have funny names too, such as: Alcanivorax borkumensis, Archaeoglobus fulfidus, Marinbactor kandleri, and Thiomargarita namibiensis.

So join Joe, me, the scientists, and all of the crew of the JOIDES Resolution.

Bon Voyage!!

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JOIDES Resolution