Party, Party, Party

There is a proverb that says ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ meaning that someone who just works, works, works will become both boring and bored. They have nothing to talk about unless they are with someone else who is also just interested in work! Well, while the science researchers and technicians on board work really hard over 12 hours a day, seven days a week, they really do want to do something else sometimes!


Wednesday was ‘Hump Day’ – the day the ship is the middle of the Expedition – 30 days behind us and 30 days to go! So to celebrate this fact we had a dance party!


It ran from 10.00 at night until 2.00 in the morning so everyone could take 2 hours off their shift and another 2 hours of personal time to share some fun with everyone else. The science party and technician day shift all turned out as pirates complete with hats and (rather floppy) cutlasses while the night shift all ‘swapped identities’ for the night and hid behind facemasks depicting one of their colleagues.  At first people were a little reticent about joining in, but it wasn’t long before shoes, warm sweaters and inhibitions were shed with equal abandon and everyone was jumping around, letting off a little steam.


It was like a timewarp. We started with the old disco favourites from the 70’s, which was a little discomforting for those of us who remember dancing to them when we were teenagers! Then we progressed through the 80’s, nineties, noughties and right up to date so there was something for everyone. The kitchen staff provided a veritable feast so thanks must go to them too!


There were quite a few people looking very weary today but the work is still there and it has to be done within a very tight time-frame while we are still at sea! Those of us who fell into bed somewhere around 3am were incredulous to find that some of the younger members of the party had stayed up until 6am and then reported for duty – a whole day of research and report writing! Oh for the heady days of youth when you could party all night through and not feel any aches and pains the next day!

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