Physics with Styrofoam Cups

A few days ago, I took part in a physics experiment mixed with an art project. I decorated a styrofoam coffee cup with pictures of the JR. We then sewed the cup into a laundry bag, attached the laundry bag to the camera, and lowered it into the ocean. The camera goes to the seafloor and is used to find the hole.

The seafloor depth here is about 1650 meters. A little over a mile of water weighs a lot. The cups were feeling pressure of nearly 3/4 of a ton per square inch. Another way to look at it is the cups were feeling the weight of a cow for every inch of cup surface. This pushed all of the air that was in the Styrofoam out and left the cups much smaller than they were when we decorated them. You can see the results in the photos below. Now the cup is just the right size for me. It's time for a nice cool drink.

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