Books, Posters, and Crafts

These resources will make the process of science real for students through engaging imagery and hands on activities. The list below includes links, suggested grade levels, and short descriptions. For more detail, click the title of each resource. Contact us to order copies at scooper@ldeo.columbia.edu or download your own for free.


Grades K-5

Uncovering Earth’s Secrets

  • This eBook introduces kids to the science and adventure of the JOIDES Resolution.


Grades k-12

JOIDES Resolution Mini-Poster

  • This mini-poster showcases the JR on the front, and background information about scientific drilling and activities for following the ship on the joidesresolution.org web site on the back.

Grades 5-8

How Science Works: Discovering Life Below the Seafloor

  • This poster highlights the pathway one microbiologist and her colleagues follow to unravel the mystery of what is living in the rocks and sediments that make up the ocean floor.

Grades 9-12

A Site Survey Expedition to the Indian Ocean

  • This poster introduces what a site survey cruise is, what it does, and the kinds of information scientists gain from it by showcasing the expedition of Deep Earth Academy’s 2007 Teacher at Sea.


Grades K-8

Expedition Career Trading Cards

  • Download the Career Trading Cards PDF to discover the variety of career options available on a given expedition. Learn how you can translate your interest in computer sciences, art, engineering or researcher into a career at sea.

JR Coloring Sheets

  • Discover unique aspects of the JOIDES Resolution with your crayons! Connect the dots, learn about safety suits, find stories in the core, and search for words with these 6 coloring sheet activities.

JR Papercraft Model

  • The JR goes origami! Fold your own paper model of the ship, complete with helicopter.
JOIDES Resolution