Re-entry Cone Deployed

It had been put together a few days ago but today was the day that the re-entry cone was finally deployed and made its journey down to the bottom of the sea floor ready to help us fit the casing and also to enter and reenter the hole several times. This permits us to change our drilling bits, which is important when we are drilling very deeply because drill bits get worn out drilling through hundreds of meters of rock and need to be occasionally exchanged. This will be necessary to the next phase of our operation . As you can see in the picture the number of the site was drawn upon the cone and then at the crucial time the doors of the moon pool were drawn back and the cone plunged into the beautiful blue water to make its way down to the seafloor 3500 m below us. What is maybe not so clear is how big this thing is, around 4 m high and 7×7 m square around the base. A big piece of iron metal work.

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