Return to operations


Well, it is time to come back to the coast.

Hurd, one of the Rockers and the Captain Pete of JR turned on the ship this morning.

Cap : 70 deg / North East

We are expected in Victoria (BC) harbour sunday morning for the sunset.


It was also a special day, the independance day … a lot of colors in the mess and a very nice lunch.

The JR’s kitchen is fantastic. Bravo !

We approach the end of the expedition 321 T, a true success for the JR’s team.

It is time to clean the ship, the lab, the conference room …and soon to pack our backpack.

I enjoy a lot to become a school rocker.

A great moment : Hurd and Pete, the JR’s captain

The mess : a wonderful staff

Upstairs / downstairs : with my new SOR’s T shirt

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