Riders on the Storm

In the last few days we’ve been riding out a gale force 10/11 storm (for perspective 12 is hurricane strength). We had to leave the site we were drilling at and move to the north as there were too many ice bergs close-by It’s one thing to “heave to” through a Southern Ocean storm. It’s quite another to be in the vicinity of huge chunks of ice, the best policy is to run away!

The worst of the storm has passed and we are now heading south again to try some more drilling. During the storm several of us scientists spent some time on the bridge, mesmerized by the driving snow and foam-flecked anger of the waves (thanks to the 2nd Mate and the crew for the box-seats – hope we didn’t get in the way). It was quite a show, Christina Riesselman took the spectacular series of photos below of the JR taking some water over the bow.
Also, some links to videos:
       If you haven’t seen it yet, I was lucky enough to be chosen as the featured scientist in Ocean Leadership’s Wilkes Land week 4 video report.
       Before leaving for this expedition I also did a video interview for the teaching resources website www.realscience.org.uk.
– Quote of the week?: “What the hell is this stuff about bats getting into peoples hair? – I’m trying to write a report here” Lisa Tauxe to me, about 10 minutes after I put the “The Mighty Boosh” on the stereo.
– What’ the food like?: Jamie and Stephanie took over the galley and made everyone some fantastic cookies and brownies on Valentines day. Girls your efforts were esteemed most highly.
– What’s on the lab stereo/ipod?: Built to Spill, Black Sabbath (it’s that point of the cruise!), The Velvet Underground – Loaded.

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