Safety First

Day 2 has been filled with safety demos and scientific presentations.  I was reminded not to horseplay, how to read an MSDS, and how to wear a “gumby suit” which is a very warm floatable suit that will help me survive if the boat sinks!  The lead scientist led us through the purpose of this mission: to install an ACORK sub-sea floor device that will allow folk to study the pressures placed on the oceanic crust as the Juan de Fuca plate dives underneath the N.American Plate along the Cascadia Subduction Zone.  Hopefully the data collected can help the Pacific Northwestern cities from Portland to Anchorage to be prepared for the next BIG ONE since the 1700’s.   We also learned about some special ice that burns of which I will tell you more later!

Tonight is my first night sleeping on the boat!  I got the bottom bunk!



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