School of Rock: Waiting for the Arrival

 This is the site in Victoria, British Columbia, where in just a couple of hours the scientsits, educators, and crew of Expedition 327 will depart the ship after their 2 month adventure at sea. Though it is the ending of their expedition, much of the work they did out at sea is really just the beginning of a diversity of science explorations that will follow.

After a fairly quick turn-around the JR will depart on Expedition 328 with a small science crew to install a CORK (see Stephanie Keske’s blogs for a picture) at the Cascadia Margin. Along with the scientists and ship staff will be 17 science educators and 5 instructors who will witness the installation process and conduct their own investigations to uncover the geology of the region. For these School of Rock 2010 participants, I hope this adventure will be a unique, eye-opening, challenging, and engaging experience that alters their appreciation of the important work that comes from core and CORK data. We will be sharing what we learn so stay tunned…


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