Science drives technology and technology drives science.

Scientific endeavors rely on an inexhaustible number of technologies. On the JR, these range in sophistication from paint brushes to magnotometers. Many of the tools available to collect and process data, make observations, record and share information and test hypotheses about the natural world were designed because there was a scientific need. In other words, there were scientific endeavors that could not be pursued until the right tool existed. The CORK had to be engineered before specific questions related to subseafloor hydrology could be pursued. Now that we have this technology available, many different scientists have been able to utilize the data obtained to pursue a range of questions. This technological advance is driving science. But as we learn even more from CORK data, more new questions have arisen along with an interest in creating a more mobile, cheaper, and simpler tool. We are out here on Expedition 341S to test out, for the first time, the SCIMPI, which has been engineered for such a purpose.

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