Science on board/Education – Styrofoam cups into the deep ocean

Yesterday on the JOIDES Resolution we sent into the deep ocean the Sub Sea Video Camera. Together with the camera, in the system, there were also a beacon, a sonar and … 86 Styrofoam cups.

The cups arrived from a school in Florida: Edgewood High School in Merritt Island. The students inspired by their teacher Ryan Cilsick, decorated the cups and mailed them to one of the scientist of the expedition 367. And for some days on the ship we had cups everywhere.

We put the cups to sent into the deep ocean (around 3700m of depth) in some laundry bags; then they were tied to the Sub Sea Video Camera System and sent down through the moon pool (don’t worry if you don’t know what the moon pool is, I will write about it in one of the next posts).


What will happen to the Styrofoam cups? We need to wait until the Sub Sea Camera System will be back on board. Stay tuned!


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