Shared Experiences

The scientists and crewmembers have been so gracious in involving the teachers in the day-to-day activities of the ship.  The educators have been busy with ship-to-shore webcasts to groups across the country, developing projects, making short films, and learning about the science.  As we’re becoming more familiar with the science, we are able to become involved in some of the work (in a very limited way, of course).  When we get to get our hands in it, our understanding leaps forward and our experience deepens.  The Teacher-at-Sea adventure becomes even more meaningful.



We’re a little more than halfway through our expedition, and things are rolling right along.  One of the most encouraging things I’ve witnessed, and experienced, during our time here at sea is the overwhelmingly positive work atmosphere and supportive environment.  I’m impressed by everyone’s willingness to share, collaborate, help, chat, talk at depth, trouble-shoot, and enjoy the voyage.  The crew of the Atlantis is top-notch, the JASON crew is unsurpassed, the scientists are world class, and the education team is all in. It’s such a lifting experience to be around everyone and work together towards a common goal.



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