Ship To Shore: Arrival

The informal science educators and staff for the 2012 Ship to Shore cruise have arrived in Curacao and begun their adventure in geology, tectonics, life aboard the drill ship and the ability to differentiate between five people with three unique names. Our three guides through the JR’s capabilities and Curacao’s geology are Dr. Leslie Sautter (Spud) Dr. John Snow (Road Bike John aka Road) and Dr. John Lewis (Mountain Bike John aka Mountain). Our Ocean Leaders are Jennifer Collins and Leslie Peart.

We are off to a marvelous start as everyone has arrived and successfully completed our scavenger hunt. As we located the clues, we guided ourselves… though by no means perfectly… throughout the ship. Clues took us from the Navigation Bridge to the Doc’s Office, through the Core lab and into the Mess Hall! We collected stamps, books, food, core scoopers and our own life jackets as we wove our way through the JR. Having completed the daunting task in teams of two we celebrated our victory by getting matching tattoos… rub on tattoos!

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