Ship to Shore: Rocker Presentations

The Rockers took the stage to present the projects they’re working on. Each team detailed their goals and plans for development of outreach activities and programs they’ve designed and fielded questions aimed at helping them hone their work. The group developing a project for the Girl Scouts of America presented their plan to conduct numerous Deep Earth Academy relevant events, including Ship-to-Shore calls and develop badges and patches for the Cadets they are targeting. We heard about a proposal to develop a stand-alone interactive exhibit that will engage users with Stories From the Core which they build themselves from information discovered in ocean cores. Another group discussed their plan to create an ibook whose primary focus is writing a wonderful story with unparalleled artwork  incorporating free choice, self-directed, learning and games that would not only be enjoyable but that could be exported and stand on their own. We also heard a proposal to develop an affordable traveling Science Exhibit that could be seen in museums worldwide and teach patrons about the JR’s research and exploration activities. NASA’s Endeavor Science Teaching Certificate project is being improved by bringing authentic IODP scientific information to informal and formal educators to provide them training and development that would strengthen their abilities to teach STEM topics. The Regional Network project would bring together scientists and educators who have been onboard the JR to target informal settings and provide them hands-on activities through cart programs, tie in special one-day JR events like Ship-to-Shore calls and be designed to be readily scalable.

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