Soul Drillship

A couple nights ago was hump day for the techs and crew. Where for most of us, hump day is Wednesday, the mid-day of our wimpy five day work week, for the people on the JOIDES Resolution it is usually day 21 of their 42 day work week. Since hump day means they are all half way there to being reunited with their friends and families back on shore, it is usually celebrated with a dance party.

For the short leg we are on, hump day was day 6 of a 13 day work week and the School of Rockers were able to join in the party, which was packed into the movie room in the lower deck. With a bunch of teachers participating, it, of course, was very similar to an old episode of Soul Train, except you would probably call it Soul Drillship. Instead of a competition to see who had the coolest dance moves, though, it turned into a competition to see who had the goofiest. And the winners? Elizabeth and Patti. Congratulations to the both of you!

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