Special Winch and “VIT”– Fri, May 5

There are lots of winches and cables around. This winch lowers the Vibration Isolated Television (VIT) Optic Fiber Equipment that looks like it belongs in the Thunderdome through the Moon Pool. It has a special armored fiber-optic cable attached to it and it uses the drill string as a guide while lowering the VIT.

The VIT is shown in the photo below. It gives us a view of the descent of the reentry cone to the seafloor.  The VIT has underwater lights, and three different cameras rated to 0 degrees Celsius or below for different types of observations and purposes. It can also descend to 6000 m below the sea surface, which is deeper than the average ocean depth. It provides visual observation of the seafloor during borehole reentry, and has sonar capability to help locate objects outside the camera’s range. Footage from the VIT is available on monitors around the ship.

On my list: “Sabali f. Theophilus London” – Amadou & Mariam



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