Sunrise patrol

Just one full day of drilling time left now before we have to start pulling pipe and packing up to go back to Mumbai.  It’s now a race to see we can reach the basement before our time has run out. Although we are nervous for a successful conclusion to our expedition this does not interfere with some of the important routines that we have developed over the past weeks. One of the most important is to go up and watch the sun rise over the Arabian Sea every day.  We have only been distracted from this couple of times often because of cleaning activities that the ships crew perform from time to time to keep the vessel looking good and operating safely.  Here you can see many of the regular attendees getting a bit of fresh air after breakfast and before returning to their labs. From left to right this is Sophia Bratenkov (Macquarie University, Australia),  Sergio Ando (University of Milan Bicocca, Italy),  Claire Routledge (Florida State University), Zhaoijie Yu (University of Paris 11), Ravi Mishra (Goa, India), Kenta Suzuki (Hokkaido University, Japan) and Zhaokai  XU (Chinese Academy of Sciences).

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