Taking Care of Business

Here’s a rather spacey picture of the “dome” lid on our lifeboats – 70 persons each! They are fully contained, have GPS and backup within the unit. We’ve had one drill already – where we came with hardhats, safety glasses, and carrying our immersion suits. If anything happened, we’d be fine! Very comforting when the ship is rockin’! On another note, we are within a few hours of our destination – a couple holes off of Victoria where the ship’s crew will be first – positioning the ship OVER the hole preparing to drop a line down into the hole – then pouring concrete in to seal the cracks. It’s been described as finding a needle in a haystack – but from we’ve heard, these guys are highly skilled! The scientist in charge of this project has shared all the details with us School of Rockers and it is some amazing research. The benefits of its success could prove to be highly beneficial in our future! We’ll see how it goes. So, yeah, the ship will be STATIONARY for up to 2 days while this operation is completed. We are instructed to wear our earplugs to bed tonight as it will get very loud as the thrustors are put down into the water. We’re having a “Hump Day Dance” tomorrow night in the movie room. This is a special day that marks the halfway point of a cruise. Write soon….

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